1. About Us

  2. The West Hills Karate Academy was founded on fundamentals of family. Caring for the student is our number one priority, as we consider each member, as one of our own. We design on our class curriculum, on what is the right approach in principle and teaching ideology for the students. How will a student benefit from our training now and in the future, has been our steadfast goal.

  3. It is in that spirit, that we teach and apply what we would for our own family. We take great pride in being the only family operated academy in the greater San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles area.

  4. We endeavor to teach each and every class, in an exciting, educational and empowering manner, with content that is meant to challenge, reward and help the student excel toward their personal goals. Our principles of Respect, Humility, Discipline, and Honor are the building blocks of that mindset.

  5. The ingredients by which these principles are bound together are Love, Passion, Perseverance, Tenacity and Courage. With these, we believe that a human being ultimate goal in life is to lead a productive and fruitful life, that benefits himself, his family and his country.

  6. We teach Karate-do (karateh-doe/dough). The “do” arts of Japan, are designed to test and teach the human body, mind and spirit, and to have them reach beyond the preconceived limits. Isn’t it true, that it is only after we have gone through certain hardships in life, that we learn about the better, stronger and more resilient parts of ourselves. Whether physical, mental or spiritual, severe and at times life-threatening challenges, seems to polish the armor without, and the mettle within. However, in today’s modern society the very extreme is not possible, except under most adventurous or dangerous circumstances. Therefore, a controlled environment, which retains the challenging mechanism must be made available to bring us to our full potential. In a word, Karate-do. The West Hills Karate Academy is here to help.

  7. Avoiding the McDojo/McKarate principles.

  8. In today’s McDonalds society, where fast everything is prevailing, and patience and hard work has given way to the sense of entitlement and demanding spirit to the society, where responsibility, hard work and citizenship, has given way to the “what’s-in-it-for-me attitude” and “I want it now,” with no end in sight.

  9. We hold fast to the ideals that every successful person has adhered to, which are Respect, Humility, Discipline, Honor. Understanding that progress takes time, and perseverance and determination are values to be cherished, and not to be taken for granted.

  10. Today, it has become more and more acceptable to take the easy way out. To have others take care of the problem. To not get involved, and to look the other way. Volunteering and citizenship have given way to hoarding and apathy. There is a difference amongst those who wish to let things slide downward, and those of us who believe in humanity, kindness, love, charity, hard work, productivity and responsibility.

  11. Where do you train for such ideals, how can you ensure that you can win your part of the battle.

  12. We are the West Hills Karate Academy, and we are here for you.

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